Rock Ridge Dairy Labels

Company: Rock Ridge Dairy LTD, Amplomedia
Project: Rock Ridge Dairy product illustrations
Method: Digital illustration – Adobe Photoshop

Rock Ridge Dairy is a family owned farm located in Alberta, Canada. I was contacted by Amplomedia, a motion graphics company, to collaborate on milk carton labels as part of Rock Ridge Dairy’s rebranding. I was supplied with a rough sketch of the desired composition, which I refined and worked in details and colour. The final packaging design incorporating my illustration was created by by Amplomedia and the label company, Challenge Labels.

4 Comments to Rock Ridge Dairy Labels

  1. minoo


    • Elise Martinson Elise Martinson

      Thank you minoo 🙂

  2. Lindy Williams

    These are absolutely beautiful. If they sold this brand where I live, I would buy it just for the labels! Any chance of getting a label?

    • Elise Martinson Elise Martinson

      Hi Lindy, sorry for the late reply. I’m glad you like the labels enough to want to own one!
      Unfortunately I do not have any physical copies, it would be best to ask Rock Ridge Dairy 🙂 http://www.rockridgedairy.com/

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