Thylacine postcard


Thylacine postcard

Company: Self promotion
Project: Illustration for promotional postcards
Method: Digital illustration – Adobe Photoshop
Prints: Available at

The purpose of this illustration was to promote myself as an illustrator for children’s books. In the past I worked for The Perth Mint creating illustrations for commemorative coins (and still do work on a lot of coin projects) and they tend to be quite static, so I wanted this illustration to show much more energy and tell a story. I included subjects that publishers might be looking for such as children, animals and also Australian themes. I love prehistoric creatures and I love the fantasy themes found in children’s books so I brought everything together in one illustration.

2 Comments to Thylacine postcard

  1. Bob Groves

    Hi Elise,

    I hope you’re well!

    I was just researching Thylacines on the internet as I am planning to do a short story about them. I am a cartoonist based in London and draw for Newspaper editorials and have a few comic strips going on too.

    However, I have strong environmental views and fell in love witht he story of the Thylacine and the Tarkine!

    I stumbled across your pic on a tumblr website- it is beautiful.



    • Elise Martinson Elise Martinson

      Hi Bob,

      I’m well! Hope you are too.

      A cartoonist? That’s awesome! Is the research for a cartooning project? Or something else?

      I haven’t heard the story of the thylacine and the tarkine! Is that a children’s book?

      Thanks for dropping by and for the compliment on my work! 🙂

      Kind regards,


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