Artist feature: Lisa Page

Artist feature: Lisa Page

I stumbled upon Lisa’s work while looking up images of endangered species and instantly fell in love with the adorable furry friends featured in her gallery. Much to my delight she has allowed me to feature her work in my blog. Lisa Page creates amazing plushies of animals including adorable hedgehogs, mice and meerkats and also endangered species like her iberian lynx and clouded leopard plushies. Words cannot describe the quality and character that make up her soft sculptures so without further babble, here are some pictures of her fantastic creations:

Iberian Lynx by Lisa Page


Hoggles the Hedgehog by Lisa Page


Bluebell Mouse by Lisa Page


Ollie the Chinchilla by Lisa Page


"Come Fly with Me" Sugar Glider by Lisa Page

More of Lisa’s work can found at her DeviantArt gallery, or her website. She also puts up some of her creations for adoption on this page. Be sure to take a look!!

Images in this post are copyright © 2012 Lisa Page All rights reserved.

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