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A Gallery of Illustrated Logos

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Wow I’ve gone a whole month without posting anything and yet I’ve been so busy. I’m not able to publish a lot of the work just yet but I did finish this logo recently and since there isn’t a section on my website for logos I thought I’d post some of the other ones I’ve done. I enjoy creating graphic part of the logos, there’s something about the challenge of creating a visual metaphor in a simple way that is quite appealing (although equally frustrating at times!).

Here are some of the logos I’ve created to date:

This one was for 888 Investment Group. The logo in the header above was my favourite concept but we had to go with the logo below for a variety of reasons. The main reason was for versatility. The company wanted to change the name next to the logo graphic for each of its incorporates.

888 Investment Group wants to appeal to Chinese investors primarily so I created a dragon that doubles as the three eights that make up its name. The dragon is a highly revered symbol of power and success in Chinese culture, while the number eight is a symbol of wealth and luck. The colour red also has symbolic value, communicating luck and prosperity in Chinese culture and power and authority in Western culture. I used Judson for the font. It seemed clean, neutral and business-like and after some research I found out it was actually designed for African literacy, which is kind of appropriate considering many of 888s big projects and refinery are in Ghana, Africa.


The next logo was for a concept company (which did not end up becoming a reality unfortunately). They were to be involved in bioremediation (decontamination using microbes) and the logo incorporates the GECO (gecko) element and the natural themes of the treatment they offer (the eye slit looks like a leaf and the colours are friendly and green). The font was clean and authoritative but had a nice gentle wave to it.  I  also created a mock up of the stationery which would have made a very enviro-friendly impression on a recycled paper stock.


This logo was done for a small business which offers canvas printing through schools for parents wanting enlargements of their children’s artwork. The hand prints are a strong symbol of playfulness and creativity, so I arranged them to make a heart shape together to represent the giving nature of the business (a percentage of the orders goes to the P&C to fund programs which benefit the school). The colours are fun and vibrant.. I quite like how the complementary business cards came out for the couple that run the business!


This last one was a “just for fun” one done for my aunt’s handmade dog clothing. She always had the name “funky woof’ in mind. One day I just had a strange urge to try to draw the logo as a dog and strangely enough it worked! I’d love to see this in use one day but I think the business is on the back burner for a little while.

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