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Promotional kookaburra postcards

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I ordered these postcards about two weeks ago from Zazzle to send to old clients and introduce myself to new ones. They arrived on Friday so I’ve been busily writing addresses over the weekend.

Prepare for some blatant plugging here, but the quality and colours turned out great and so far my experience with Zazzle has been excellent. Their customer service has been great and I’ve never had a problem with the quality. In fact each time I order a new product, it exceeds my expectations (although I have had some terrible experiences elsewhere so maybe my expectations are unusually low)  and products of the same type have been delivered in consistent quality and colours. Their prices are fair for such low quantities and include full colour double-sided printing plus a nice glossy finish on the postcards. The odd thing is that after combining shipping, it’s often around the same price to order from the .com or sites, so I usually go with whoever has the best deal at the time.

/end of plug for Zazzle

So I will be stamping these up tomorrow and sending them out, hoping that they don’t get too banged up in the post and please their recipients!


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