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Swatch TTR Art Rules Competition Entries

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Just a quick post of my entries for the Swatch TTR Art Rules Competition. The contest involves giving a custom finish to the TTR World Snowboard Tour trophy. You can see these entries on the official Art Rules page here and here. The other entries can be seen here. Fingers crossed, I’d enjoy a 2 week holiday to New York!

Swatch TTR Art Rules competition entry by Elise Martinson

The Stuff of Legends: What is it that makes someone achieve legendary status? What is the stuff that makes them great; these trailblazers that leave the competition in the dust? Maybe it's an amalgamation of life experiences. Maybe it's just pure awesome. Whatever it is, we know that winners and champions are full of the stuff. Some are born with it, most people work hard to cultivate it and winners are overflowing with it. This trophy captures and reflects the moment when a victor is oozing with the stuff. The stuff of legends.

Swatch TTR Art Rules competition entry by Elise Martinson

BLUROCARVE: Progression, style and snowboarding rolled into one.



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