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“Elephantasy” time-lapse

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For those of you that have been following my painted elephant sculptures for Mali in the City, I’ve finally pulled together a time-lapse video of the painting process of my first elephant, Elephantasy. I’m booked in to paint my second elephant “Here today...” on the 25th of June.

If you’re still wondering what I am on about, check out the other posts on my blog:

Mali the elephant and her family

Mali and her family

I had a lot of fun painting this and being on site at the Zoo was awesome. I spent most of my lunch breaks watching Mali and her family and I had to cut out plenty of frames from the time-lapse where I stopped painting to watch little wrens bob about and a group of about 8 peahens foraging outside my window.  I shared the space with another artist, called Sharon,  who was good company and was working on a very detailed jungle seen on her Mali which I now can’t wait to see finished! There were a few completed Mali’s about, including the works of Graeme Base, Mirka Moora and David Bromley.

The likeness of Mali was sculpted by the creative director of Wild in Art, Chris Wilkinson.

Rough guidelines, ready for some colour!

My original concept

Ready for a coat of gloss


  1. Hey elise!

    I’m doing a Mali as well, your design looks wonderful. Cannot wait to see them all in the city.

    Pat Minahan
    RMIT University

    • Hi Pat! Congrats on having your design chosen! Have you started painting yet? I can’t wait to see yours and all the others as well 🙂 They are going to look so awesome all out on display.

  2. Yes I’ve been painting very slowly because mine is in my garage and it’s very cold this time of year lol
    Where does your inspiration 4 the design come from?

    Pat Minahan
    RMIT University

    • Oh, I can imagine! How awful. I’m really thankful the space provided by the zoo was warm!

      It’s inspired by a bunch of different animals (leopard, tiger, bongo, blue-ringed octopus, macaw, fish, python, caterpillar) plus a bit of artistic licence. I was looking at past exhibitions of these large animal sculptures and wanted to do something that was bright and that had not been done before 🙂

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