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Elephants get the green light

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My two elephant submissions to the Melbourne Zoo’s Mali in the City event have been chosen by sponsors Deakin University and Vic Super and I will be painting them starting tomorrow!

The Mali in the City event invites a variety of artists to paint 50 life-sized elephant sculptures which will be exhibited around Melbourne city in August and September. The elephants will then be auctioned off with proceeds going to the zoo and their various conservation programs. The event has already been launched with fantastic illustrator and author Greame Base unveiling the first of the elephants on parade:

I picked up my visitor pass and keys to the temporary studio space (which is on site at the zoo) on Friday!

Provided there are no glitches to my plan, I will be creating a time-lapse video of the elephants being completed. I also wanted to do a live video feed of the painting of the elephants but I’m still waiting to for information on whether internet is available in the studio. If this is something that interests you please keep an eye out on my facebook account or twitter.

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