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“Here today…” finished for Mali in the City event.

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My second elephant ” Here today …  ” for the Mali in the City event is finally finished! I’ve lost track of how long it took me but it took longer than “Elephantasy” because of the higher level of detail and more realistic approach. I’m so glad to be done, now I can sit back and wait for the other artists to finish and the elephants should be out in the city shortly after I get return to Victoria!

The sponsor for this elephant is Deakin University who will be taking a (much better) image of this elephant to promote their courses that involve working with animals.

You can see a few pictures of the process in my previous post.

Final, varnished Mali “Here today…”

Face detail

Vulture detail

The Mali in the City elephants will be on display around the city of Melbourne from the 10th of August 2012. In October the elephants will return to the zoo where they will be on display for a short while. They will then be put under auction and the proceeds will go towards the zoo’s ongoing conservation efforts. For more information visit:

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