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Speaking at the Stanleys

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The Australian Cartoonists’ Association will be hosting it’s 28th annual Stanley Awards and conference weekend in Newcastle this year. I’m very excited to announce I have been invited to sit on a panel to discuss working as a designer in the coin industry. The panel event is called Making a Mint – Designing Coins and Stamps and I will have the honor of sitting along side Jason Chatfield ( A cartoonist and comedian who has taken the reins of the Ginger Meggs comics ) and Alexander Stitt ( a pioneering illustrator, writer and animator responsible for such iconic works as the ‘Life. Be in it.’ campaign).

The ACA began as a group of New South Wales cartoonists which rapidly grew into a national cartoonist organisation. The organisation eventually decided it was time to recognise the achievements of Australia’s fine cartoonists and a trophy was modelled after the famous cartoon strip “For gor’sake stop laughing, this is serious!” by Stan Cross ( hence the Stanley Awards). This year there will be seven bronze Stanley Awards for seven categories and one major gold award for the Cartoonist of the Year. There will also be a Jim Russel award for the cartoonist who has made significant contributions to the cartooning industry. The Stanley Awards is a weekend event and includes other activities such as expert panels discussing the cartooning business, comic strip competitions, demonstrations and appearances from special guests Alexander Stitt and Sam Viviano (Art Director of MAD magazine). The awards are presented on the closing night on the 17th of November.

I’m really bummed out that I will miss the other events. I have to  rush off to a concert in Sydney I booked earlier this year but perhaps next year I will be able to attend at my leisure.

For more information and attending the Stanley awards please click here. Also be sure to check out the Australian Cartoonists’ Association website and the official ACA blog for the latest updates.


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