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Australian Bush Babies II Stamps

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Tuesday was the official release date of the Australian Bush Babies II stamps featuring the illustrations I did for the Australian Bush Babies II silver coins.

The original Australian Bush Babies coin series began back in 2009 and Australia Post enjoyed the illustrations so much that they wanted to make a stamp series. I was delighted to hear that they were again interested in producing stamps for 2013 when it was evident I had illustrated a second series of baby Australian animals for the Australian Bush Babies II series of coins.

The recent stamp release features five more Australian baby animals including the kookaburra, possum, platypus, echidna and wombat. The stamps come packaged in a variety of forms including the first day cover, stamp packs, leaflets and gutter strips. There is also a stamp and coin pack containing a stamp and matching base metal coin from The Perth Mint, which will be released at intervals throughout the year. This time all of the stamps are international stamps ranging in value from $1.70 – $6.45 which means they will be a little bit more expensive for collectors.

Australia Post’s designer Simone Sakinofsky has done a wonderful job of translating the first and second series into stamps. I particularly love the motif you can see clearly on the PNC. I haven’t been able to find the stamps in the Australia Post outlets yet, so I’m eager to see them in person!


Australian Bush Babies II stamp issue
Image courtesy Australia Post


Australian Bush Babies II stamp pack
Image courtesy Australia Post


Australian Bush Babies II stamp sheetlet
Image courtesy Australia Post


Australian Bush Babies II first day cover
Image courtesy Australia Post


Australian Bush Babies II PNC
Image courtesy The Perth Mint


Australian Bush Babies II Base Metal Coin
Image courtesy The Perth Mint

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  1. I think the bush baby stamps look really good, I will have to keep an eye out at the post office for them.

    • Thanks 🙂 I got mine from Australia Post today, I think the shops have them now but sometimes you need to check if they are out the back as they sometimes don’t get put on the shelf right away.

  2. i have dozens of these envelopes with stamps on them , mine are mostly in mint condition, i am looking at selling them all, but i don’t know how to describe them or what they are properly called.

    i also have dozens of the folder type envelopes which have mint stamps inside , with no ink stamp over them. they have a clear protection cover over them. any can give me info would be great .


    • Hi Dean,

      That’s great! Are you talking about the green envelopes with all 5 stamps on them? I believe the official name is along the lines of the 2013 Australian Bush Babies II First Day Cover.

      Are the folder type illustrations – do they also have a coin? Those are the 2013 Australian Bush Babies II Stamp & Coin Covers.

      I hope that helps? 🙂

  3. hi thanks for reply,
    yes the green one has the 5 stamps on them, and the folder type ones has a picture of coins , and actual mint stamps inside.
    other than the actual name whats printed on the envelopes and folders, do these types of items have a specific name , if i want to search for others like these or sell them what would i type in as a search parameter ?, so do these envelopes and folders have a name , like postal stamp folders or postal envelopes with images printed on them . and do you know how much they are worth if i want to sell them ?


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