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Dragon’s Breath schnapps label

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Below is an illustration I knocked up fairly quickly for a drink label.

The label is for my dad’s home-brew “Dragon’s Breath” which is butterscotch schnapps with a spicy twist. The aim was to have it look like a fairly authentic label so I made an additional little “distillery”  logo; Doc Fubsy is one of his nicknames and 1955 is the year he was born.

The back also has a faux barcode and features a neat little recipe for Dragon’s Breath garlic prawns. Mmm.. delish!

Dragon's Breath Illustration






  1. ^ This, along with your Dragons of Legend series I think you have a good enough portfolio for Wizards of The Coast’s Magic the Gathering.

    • Thank you! That’s a big compliment but actually the Dragons of Legend series was illustrated by the incredibly talented Howard David Johnson 🙂

  2. This dragon is HOT!
    I’m very happy to meet you today, Elise. Like you, I’ve always loved animals (I did Biology for HSC because I loved it), and clearly, art, too 🙂 I hope to paint animals more.

    • Thank you Lucy! Wow, that’s cool that you studied Biology! I kind of wish I could go back and study biology more.

      I would love to see your animal paintings! Did you get any more sketches done today?

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