Red Bull Design Sally’s Board competition entry

Red Bull Design Sally's Board competition entry
Sally's board design by Elise Martinson

The final board design

My entry for the Red Bull Design Sally’s Board competition titled “Breaking Boundaries”. My concept was based off an old sketch I had in my sketchbook which had flying fish soaring over a rainbow background. The original concept never got very far and I thought this would be a great opportunity to expand the idea.  I wanted to do something bright and abstract and besides, flying fish are awesome. As I wrote on my entry description: “I think flying fish are a symbol of optimism, achievement and rising above the status quo. Why swim when you can soar?”

Rough sketches of flying fish and rainbows

The original concept sketches from a few years back

Process of the board design

Progress shots of the board design

I had to work on this on my ageing laptop so the colours turned out a bit over saturated (I must have been trying to bump the colour and brightness because the old screen is so dull) and I tested the uploading system expecting to review the final submission, but whoosh, it was gone! So there are typos in my description and the submission was a tiny image : (  Lesson learned… never assume you know how things work!

The final submission can be seen here:  . If you like the design you can “like it” on the competition page and it would make me very happy indeed!

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