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Akta-Vite packaging illustration

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Client: Myerton Australia Pty Ltd | Project: Akta-Vite label redesign | Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Akta-Vite is an Australian made nutritious chocolate food drink which has been on Australian shelves since 1943. Looking to invigorate their vintage label with bright and modern graphics, Myerton Australia approached me with a brief for a koala character illustration to feature on their labels. Initially the koala also had a very vintage feel but eventually evolved through the feedback process into something modern with an organic, textured feeling. The illustration was completed in Photoshop using textures to give it a more organic, hand-drawn look.


Akta-Vite Koala Packaging Illustration shown on canAkta-Vite Koala Illustration

Akta-Vite Koala Illustration

Akta-Vite Koala Illustration

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