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Australian Bush Babies coin illustrations

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Client: The Perth Mint | Project: Australian Bush Babies coin design and illustration | Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch pad & mechanical pencil


The 2010 Australian Bush Babies series was a series of silver coins featuring baby Australian animals. Initially this series was intended to have the animals beautifully detailed in silver and in a slightly more realistic style however, it was decided that the project would be produced with colour applied to the coin. I felt the coloured version worked better with a less realistic and more cutesy style. The series featured my illustrations of a Kangaroo, Koala, Sugar Glider, Dingo and Bilby. The coins were a great success and inspired Australia Post to create a series of stamps using the illustrations. The dingo stamp won Favourite Overall Stamp of the Year in 2011 in a poll which allowed collectors and the public to vote on their favourite stamps.

The success of the series ensured the creation of a follow up coin and stamp series, Australian Bush Babies II, featuring five more adorable Australian baby animals.



Illustrations for the Australian Bush Babies coinsAustralian Bush Babies Bilby coin and packaging


Illustrations for the Australian Bush Babies coin packaging


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