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Lil tiger illustrations

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Client: Personal work |Project: Lil tiger illustrations |Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Lil tiger is a character that evolved as a result of my love for tigers and my passion for drawing cute animals. I used really soft lines and a pastel palette to colour him in Photoshop. Lil tiger is an innocent and curious little character and is always rendered in soft colours and detail. When I published pictures of him on online art galleries he was really popular which gives me confidence that he could be a strong subject for licensing. I hope to eventually develop a large range of Lil tiger illustrations and license these for stationary, baby clothes and gift products.

If you are interested in licensing Lil tiger, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

A an illustration of my lil' tiger character opening a present wearing a santa outfitLil tiger cup and greeting card mock ups

An illustration of the lil' tiger character holding a balloon with the number one on it

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