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Little Aussie Friends illustrations

Posted in Portfolio

Client: Personal work | Project: Little Aussie Friends illustrations | Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Mechanical pencil & sketching paper


Little Aussie Friends is a series of cute illustrations of Australian animals including a kangaroo, koala, platypus, echidna and kookaburra. Each adorable baby animal is supported by a detailed illustration of Australian flowers. I digitally painted the animals in Photoshop but I sketched the flowers using traditional methods before scanning and composing the illustrations in Photoshop.

Little Aussie Friends is my first real foray into licensing my work. My illustrations of cute animals have proven popular in the past so I wanted to create a set of images to see if licensing is something I wanted to get into. So far the response has been very positive and there are a few projects in motion that I will be able to post on my website soon.

If you are a potential licensor looking to license my work, please get in touch via the Contact Me page.



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