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Rock Ridge Dairy Buttermilk Label

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Client: Rock Ridge Dairy | Project: Buttermilk label illustrations | Tools: Adobe Photoshop


Rock Ridge Dairy is a family owned dairy farm in Alberta Canada which prides itself on its ethically produced organic cow and goat dairy products. I created the illustration below for their buttermilk label which was a new addition to the existing range of illustrated labels and employs the same whimsical and painterly style. This client often provides her own thumbnail sketches before I start work, which really helps to communicate her vision for the labels. The buttermilk label illustration features the client’s daughter which was a really nice way to acknowledge the family owned nature of the business and created a really charming image.

I have continued to work with Rock Ridge Dairy to develop more label illustrations for their range of products. The same detailed and painterly style is used to keep the brand strong and cohesive. Every new label shows a little more of the Rock Ridge farm.

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