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Rock Ridge Dairy milk label illustrations

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Client: Rock Ridge Dairy  | Project: Milk label illustrations | Collaborators: Amplomedia | Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Rock Ridge Dairy is a family owned dairy farm in Alberta Canada which prides itself on its ethically produced organic cow and goat dairy products. I created these label illustrations for Rock Ridge Dairy’s new milk labels as part of a larger rebranding project. I also did a small silhouette illustration to be used in their logo device.

Since this project, I have continued to work with Rock Ridge Dairy to develop more label illustrations for their range of products. The same detailed and painterly style has been used for the illustrations to keep the branding looking strong and cohesive. Every new label illustration reveals a new aspect of the farm.

Click here for more Rock Ridge Dairy label illustrations:
Rock Ridge Buttermilk 
Rock Ridge Table Butter

Illustration of fresian cows in a field

Label illustrations of fresian cows in a field

Illustration of goats in a rocky field

Photo of a goat next to the label illustration applied to bottle of goats milk

Ink style logo illustration of cow and goat

Ink style logo illustration of cow and goat applied to logo

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