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Sally Fitzgibbons surfboard illustration

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This was my entry for the Red Bull “Design Sally’s Board” competition titled “Breaking Boundaries”. My concept was based off an old sketch I had in my sketchbook which had flying fish soaring over a rainbow background. The original idea never got developed further and I thought this would be a great opportunity to expand on it.  I wanted to do something bright and abstract and besides, flying fish are awesome. As I wrote on my entry description: “I think flying fish are a symbol of optimism, achievement and rising above the status quo. Why swim when you can soar?”

Unfortunately my design wasn’t successful in the contest but I did revisit it later on for another surfboard design competition where I made the colours a little more unisex.


Personal Work


Red Bull “Design Sally’s Board” competition


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Sally's board design by Elise Martinson

The final design


Inspiration sketch


Process of the board design

Illustration process


Revised design for the Disrupt surfboard competition

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