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Sally Fitzgibbons surfboard illustration

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Client: Personal Work | Project: Red Bull “Design Sally’s Board” competition |
Tools:Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

This was my entry for the Red Bull “Design Sally’s Board” competition titled “Breaking Boundaries”. My concept was based off an old sketch I had in my sketchbook which had flying fish soaring over a rainbow background. The original idea never got developed further and I thought this would be a great opportunity to expand on it.  I wanted to do something bright and abstract and besides, flying fish are awesome. As I wrote on my entry description: “I think flying fish are a symbol of optimism, achievement and rising above the status quo. Why swim when you can soar?”

Unfortunately my design wasn’t successful in the contest but I did revisit it later on for another surfboard design competition where I made the colours a little more unisex.

Sally's board design by Elise Martinson

The final design


Inspiration sketch


Process of the board design

Illustration process


Revised design for the Disrupt surfboard competition

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