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Thylacine book illustration

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Client: Personal project | Project: Sample book illustration | Tools: Adobe Photoshop


This was a personal piece I created to show a book illustration piece and to use as a promotional image. I enjoy Australian themes and I have a fascination with extinct creatures because it’s fun to imagine what they might have looked like, so I joined the two ideas and came up with this illustration. I had a half-formed idea of the story in my mind as I painted this. The thylacines take these two sisters on an adventure into prehistoric times and show them the Things That Were (imaginary working title), they are taken back to a time when megafauna roamed Australia – you can see a glimpse of the megafauna down by the river. In hindsight I should have done a series of images but my approach has changed slightly since then, so I will apply what I have learned next time I create some samples for children’s books!

I wrote a blog entry on this post which also shows an animated work-in-progress image. View the blog post here.


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