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Alacran bottle decoration contest

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Alacran is having a contest to decorate their black matte tequila bottles. My entry was inspired by the Alacran scorpion device, the distinctive black and white bottle and also some very cool marketing Alacran has done in the past, which showed the black bottle “splattering” other objects with black. I created a wire skeleton for the scorpions, which I bulked up with some aluminium foil and then sculpted on top of using Super Sculpey. One was sprayed matte black and the other has a glossy white finish. I used a spray bottle to add the splatter effect to the bottle and then glued the scorpions on using a strong two-part Araldite epoxy. The process was heaps of fun, albeit a little messy at times.


Although the contest isn’t vote based, I still think some comments and likes might help. So if you like it please drop a comment and thumbs up the Alacran Facebook page 🙂

Below are some more process shots.


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