Stock graphics

Stock graphics

Stock Logos

Stock logos consist of logos and graphics from past work or personal projects. These are currently unused and are now available for purchase and trademarking. Each logo can be personalised to your existing business name and/ or colours. If you are interested in any of the below stock logos, or even commissioning your own, please get in touch via the contact page.

Cat cafe stock logo

A logo for a cat cafe featuring three cats forming the silhouette of a coffee cup. Colourful, cute and homey, this logo will suite a Cate Cafe puurfectly. Enquire »

Alterations stock logo

A smart, simple logo for any alterations business. It features a friendly sans-serif font which doubles as stitching and a needle replaces the “l” in “alterations”. Enquire »

Dressmaker stock logo

Simple, flowing, elegant and feminine, this logo communicates all the attributes of the work of a good seamstress. The text can be customised to suit your name or a business name. Enquire »

Cupig stock logo

Quirky and cute, this cupid-pig hybrid could be a mascot for a gift retailer or other business with similar charm. The text can be customised to suit your existing business name. Enquire »