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Little Aussie Friends illustrations

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Client: Personal work | Project: Little Aussie Friends illustrations | Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Mechanical pencil & sketching paper


Little Aussie Friends is a series of cute illustrations of Australian animals including a kangaroo, koala, platypus, echidna and kookaburra. Each adorable baby animal is supported by a detailed illustration of Australian flowers. I digitally painted the animals in Photoshop but I sketched the flowers using traditional methods before scanning and creating the final layouts Photoshop.

Little Aussie Friends is my first real foray into licensing my work. My illustrations of cute animals have proven popular in the past so I wanted to create a set of images to see if licensing is something I wanted to get into. So far the response has been very positive and there are a few projects in motion that I will be able to post on my website soon.

Update September 2017: Ashdene has released a range of licensed homewares featuring my Little Aussie Friends illustrations! You can see my blog post about them here . The series can be purchase from my Etsy store or Online store.

If you are a potential licensor looking to license my work, please get in touch via the Contact Me page.



Picture of Little Aussie Friends article showing baby Australian animal tableware product group shot




  1. Hi Elise – wanted to say my business “I Still Call Australia Home” has just received our first stock of this collection. Love them soooo much and can’t wait to get the mugs, trays and tea bag holders. Congratulations on your beautiful designs. Best, Felicia

    • Hi Felicia,

      Thanks for popping by 🙂 I’m so glad you like the series and I hope your customers do too!

      You have a lovely collection of Aussie products on your site, I will have to come back when I need to send a gift to an overseas client!


  2. I have just been to Tasmania where I bought the Platapus mug. It is beautiful but was disappointed I couldn’t get a Tassie Devil. I would have loved to have brought some home for my family or even Fairy penguins. Just a thought for an endangered species. I picked up the mug at the Devil Santuary in Mole Creek. A big opportunity I would think as they are beautiful quality and something everyone can use.

    • Tassie devils are a great suggestion Christine! I must say, it was so hard to chose just six Aussie animals to work on and as it was a collaboration everyone had to be happy with the final choice. Hopefully there is a second series a little later down the road and the Tassie devils can make an appearance! 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed the platypus mug. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, I would love to make it over to Tasmania some time!

  3. Hi Elise,
    Love your designs!!
    I have just purchased four of your Little Aussie Friends mugs. The shop said that there was only four designs, but I’ve now seen that there are six!
    Could you please tell me where I might be able to purchase the wombat and the echidna in Melbourne?

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks so much 😀

      Yes there are indeed six! 🙂 I have some on my Etsy store or you can check the Ashdene list of stockists and give the Melbourne ones a call to see if they have them?

      Good luck! I’m glad you like them! They are really great mugs (even without the artwork 😉 ).

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